Family House – Brussels, by Depot Rotterdam

When I came across the space that were designed by the Dutch design studio – Depot Rotterdam, I couldn’t help to feel this instant burst of excitement. It has everything that I dream of having in a Scandinavian home. The colors used in their designs are so much fun! Think of all the possible candy-colored hue, bright colors against crisp white canvas…  Though colorful, it still maintain the airy, clean and bright feel that is typical of the Scandinavian design. This home that I’m going to share today is a family home in Brussels. DepotRotterdam_0

DepotRotterdam_1 Green banquet seating with a pair of oversize bright purple hanging lamps – not what you would normally think of pairing in the color wheel but looking totally pretty in this space. The next time you want to incorporate a banquet seating in your house, forget about the boring-generic-banquet that makes your house looks just like a fast-food restaurant :P

DepotRotterdam_2 DepotRotterdam_3 DepotRotterdam_4 The wall decal adds a touch of whimsy to the room, without competing with other bright color accessories. DepotRotterdam_5 String shelving system – I think this will make any HDB flat look instantly Scandinavian. DepotRotterdam_6 DepotRotterdam_7 DepotRotterdam_10 DepotRotterdam_9 DepotRotterdam_11 DepotRotterdam_12 DepotRotterdam_13

All images via DepotRotterdam. Click the link to view more projects from this design studio! From their company website (it’s in Dutch language, I can only guess the contents with the help of Google Translate) – they seem to provide interior design service up to the stage of styling the house upon completion! How I wish that this would become a default step in the interior design scene in Singapore in near future.


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