{ Wallpaper Journal } Nina Campbell Perroquet Wallpaper

Sometimes, you keep seeing a wallpaper being used repeatedly in the beautiful rooms featured in design magazine, or in those cafes that you have visited. You like the wallpaper so much that you finally determine to use it in your next home improvement project, but what is the name of the wallpaper? Who is the designer? Where do I get my hands on those papers?

So, I’ve decided to start a series of entries to note down the beautiful wallpapers that I will not tired of seeing them. I could go on for days listing my favourites :)

Nina Campbell is one of the world’s most influential interior designer who also has her own line of fabrics, wallpapers and furnitures. I’m a huge fan for all her wallpapers. They are romantic, feminine and luxurious but not contriving.

I first saw this Perroquet wallpaper in Domino.

This is the entry hallway in Rita Konig‘s apartment. (Nina’s daughter!) Perfect example of how the use of bold wallpaper could make a small space looks like a milion-dollar.

rita konig

The Perroquet wallpaper also comes in different colours and each of them gives a very different feel.

Let’s look at how the folks are using this amazing wallpaper in their space!

Perroquet 1

Perroquet 2


Perroquet 3

Perroquet 7

Perroquet 5.1

Hope you feel inspired and take the leap of faith to paper your room the next time round!

Perroquet 0


Images via 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8


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