Oh so pretty by Hoo

Hoo is a Hong Kong based interior design & home styling firm. Their style is simply impeccable and I love every project of theirs. You really have to check out their portfolio.

This apartment is located at Mid-levels Hong Kong – a bright airy Scandinavian theme; accented with marbles, pastel color, Wishbone chairs, and even a Safretti fireplace!

The duck-egg blue entrance sets the tone before you enter the apartment. Oh so pretty ~

Gisele 1

Gisele 2

Gisele 3

Gisele 4

Gisele 5

Gisele 6

Gisele 7

Gisele 8

Gisele 9

Gisele 10

Gisele 11

Gisele 12

Gisele 13


Gisele 14


Gisele 15

Gisele 16

Gisele 17

Gisele 18

Gisele 19

All images via Hoo


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