Taipei Apartment 台北市文山区 - 陈宅 by Ganna Studio

Ganna Design is a relatively young design studio based in Taiwan that has been quite a hit recently.

The designers’ own home + studio space was being featured in a number of Asia and European major home decor magazines, websites, and blogs including the Elle Decor Italia websites!

This modern apartment designed by Ganna Studio for a family of three is another recent project that I really really like.

Ganna 1

ganna design 01

Ganna 2

An integrated TV and storage unit in dark color scheme anchors the living-dining area.  The doors of the storage unit were actually painted with chalkboard paint to provide a canvas for the kid to doodle on.

Ganna 3

The folding doors of the bookshelves provide flexibility – it can be opened up to showcase the owner’s display, or close up to achieve a more streamlined look.

ganna design 09 ganna design 10

Can you guess that this paneling on the door is a 3D textile wall-covering?

ganna design 03ganna design 04

At the dining area, the wall done a very pretty shade of greyish blue and provides a nice contrast to the dark colored TV& storage unit.

ganna design 05

ganna design 11ganna design 12

Wood veneers covers the wall from the living room and extend all the way to the study and master bedroom to create a cohesive look, adding visual depth to the modern space at the same time.

ganna design 06

Ganna 8

Ganna 9

ganna design 15

ganna design 14

The design is kept simple in the master bedroom to create a refreshing and relaxing space.

Ganna 12

ganna design 16

The kid’s bedroom – so simple and elegant. Proves that less is really more sometimes. The right choice of paint, and a Josephine Mini A wall sconce provide just a tasteful space that will grow with the kid.

Images via Fun Design and HomeDSGN
Visit Ganna Design website to view more projects!



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