Utilitarian Chic HDB Flat in Singapore

This is a 5-room HDB flat in Singapore featured in May issue of Home & Décor.

I love how the space is not too “designed” or polished, there is no fancy feature wall or lots of built-in carpentry.

Yet, the fine taste of the home owners is seen in their choice of designer furniture classics, art and accessories.  The space has a utilitarian and artistic feel that will withstand the test of time.

Ultimately, good taste will never go out of trend.

Utilitarian Chic 1

Utilitarian Chic 2

Utilitarian Chic 3

Utilitarian 4

Utilitarian 5

Utilitarian Chic 6

Utilitarian 7

Utilitarian 8

Utilitarian 9

Utilitarian 10

Images via Home and Decor



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