Bellagio Apartment in Hong Kong by Comodo Design

This minimalistic space is the home an interior designer – Allain Wong, who is the founder of Comodo Deign.

Keeping to his design principles of clean lines, minimalism and contemporary style, the space is largely kept in palette of grey and white. The wooden dining table and wooden floor render a touch of warmth to the interior, making it more cozy and relaxing.

This is really a space that one can sit back and enjoy the amazing sea view.

Bellagio 1

Bellagio 2

Bellagio 3

Bellagio 4

Bellagio 5

Bellagio 6

Bellagio 7

Bellagio 8

Bellagio 9

Bellagio 10

Bellagio 11

Images via Comodo Design



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