Jardin at Dunearn Road by The Scientist

This is a 1776 sqft, 3-bedroom loft unit of Jardin nestled in the idyllic Bukit Timah district.

I like how The Scientist has done up the loft unit in this project. It looks classy, expensive and luxurious (fitting the prestigious profile of the condominium), but it doesn’t look too “old”. The walls are kept in crisp white, pairing with the tasteful choice of mid-century-esque furniture that brings in a younger vibe of sophistication to the loft.

Jardin 1

Jardin 2

Love the olive green curvy sofa that adds colour and visual interest to the living room. Even the propeller ceiling fan is so stylish!

Jardin 3

Jardin 4

Jardin 5

Black and white gallery wall, modern glossy white side table, ceramics vases and a wish bone chair form a good looking vignette.

Jardin 6

Jardin 8

I like that the designer has chosen a glass dining table to enhance on the lightness of the space. A wooden table would have been too visually heavy.

Jardin 9

Jardin 10

Jardin 11

Jardin 12

To draw attention to the double height ceiling in the loft unit, a glamorous Josephine gold chandelier does the job.

Jardin 13

Display shelves for the luxurious handbags.

Jardin 14

Jardin 15

I always like the ideas of having double mirrors in against window especially when you have such good natural light from the big window.

Jardin 16

Jardin 17


Images via The Scientist


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