Jardin at Dunearn Road by The Scientist

This is a 1776 sqft, 3-bedroom loft unit of Jardin nestled in the idyllic Bukit Timah district.

I like how The Scientist has done up the loft unit in this project. It looks classy, expensive and luxurious (fitting the prestigious profile of the condominium), but it doesn’t look too “old”. The walls are kept in crisp white, pairing with the tasteful choice of mid-century-esque furniture that brings in a younger vibe of sophistication to the loft.

Jardin 1

Jardin 2

Love the olive green curvy sofa that adds colour and visual interest to the living room. Even the propeller ceiling fan is so stylish!

Jardin 3

Jardin 4

Jardin 5

Black and white gallery wall, modern glossy white side table, ceramics vases and a wish bone chair form a good looking vignette.

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The Brick Loft in Singapore by Farm

This was a project by Singapore design firm FARM back in 2011. It has since been featured in a number of design magazine, but I really love this house hence I reckoned that I have to post about this project here again :)

This apartment is situated on the second storey of a shophouse unit in the Joo Chiat area, once a dingy looking office unit. The owners saw its potential and has engaged Farm to reinvent the space, the result – a chic industrial loft with old-world charm ventilation blocks and statement spiral staircase.

Read more about the project at Farm‘s website.

The brick loft 3

The brick loft 1

The brick loft 2

The brick loft 4


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T House by Interior Ink 墨線設計

I like to look at the apartments in Hong Kong and Taiwan because I feel that these projects are very relatable to our apartments in Singapore, be it the Asian lifestyle or the similarity in terms of the (small-ish) size and layout of the apartments.

The similarities also mean that the ideas inspired from such projects, are more realistic and practical that you and I can utilize when planning the design of our homes.

The following project is a recently completed apartment from Taiwan based interior design firm – Interior Ink 墨線設計

T house 1

T house 2

T house 2_1

The living room area has very good natural light. So the design is kept simple to keep it bright and airy. Like how the mid-century looking chair and the wall hanging lamp adds interest to the space.

T house 4

T house 3

At the dining area, a full height cabinet provides ample storage and display corner for the home owners. Since the living-dining area is not really a high space, the dining table is cantilevered and integrated with the cabinet for a more streamline look. A set of tolix chairs in different colours complete the look.

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Moooi Bell Lamp and Lolita Lamp

Moooi was founded by Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers in 2001 and it is now one of the most famous design firm specializing in lighting, furniture and textile. Moooi is named after their native Dutch word for beautiful — with a third ‘o’ for extra value in terms of beauty & uniqueness.

The Dutch firm’s design style is always described as avant-garde, daring and playful, as you can see from their many iconic pieces such as the horse lamp, Heracleum, Random light … etc

For me, I have a soft spot for everything that comes in pastel colors, or a bow.

So it is no question that I find the Moooi Bell Lamp by Marcel Wander and Lolita Lamp so charming and adorable!

♥ Bell Lamp by Marcel Wander ♥

  • Year of design: 2012
  • Material: Mouth blown glass, ceramic bow
  • Colour: Available with gold plated or white glazed ceramics

The bell represents a very early and essential form of communication, generating a welcoming ring that brings people together for festivities and congregations.

Different from all the exposed bulb lighting that are learning towards the style of raw and industrial, the Bell Lamp is refined, luxurious and pretty. I really lust for one for my dining room…

Bell lamp 1

bell lamp 2

Bell lamp 3


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Parisian Chic Apartment by Camille Hermand Architectures (Part 3/3)

This is by far my favourite of all the Camille Hermand projects.

♥♥ Léon Cogniet ♥♥

I especially love the use of geometric wallpaper in this apartment, the vibrant colours add a more playful character and makes the space look young and trendy.

Enjoy the Parisian charm!

Camille Hermand 1

Camille Hermand 2

Camille Hermand 3

Camille Hermand 4


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