Taipei Office of J+D Design Lab 齊舍設計事務所

Yes, this is the office of an interior design studio in Taipei.

J+D Design Lab is another Taiwan-based interior design studio that I really like. I’ll share one of their projects another day.

In this post, I’m excited to show you their office space instead.

Stepping into the office of J+D Design Lab is like entering a salon in France. Besides the architectural details like crown mouldings and French door, I’m particularly fascinated by the use of colours in each room.

Once entered the studio, there are two olive green chairs in the meeting area and a salmon-coloured accent wall greeting the guests. A dark charcoal grey was used for the office, giving it a sophisticated vibe. Then there is a splash of orange in pantry.

Last but not least, my favourite – is the super pretty toilet painted in turquoise blue. Such a vivid colour, and it is looking really good.


JD 01

JD 03

JD 04

JD 05

JD 06

JD 07


JD 08

JD 09

JD 10

JD 11

JD 12

JD 13

JD 14

JD 15
JD 16

JD 17

JD 18

JD 19

JD 20

JD 02

JD 21

Images via J+D Design Lab 


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