Taipei 內湖 Apartment by Interior Ink 墨線設計

Nei Hu 01

I have posted a project by Interior Ink before, and this is another amazing space that was designed by them.

The occupant of this Taipei apartment is a busy career woman, and her wish is to come home to a relaxing and personal space after frequent business trips.

And I really like what the designer has done to the apartment. There is daring use of colours and textures within the tight space, and thoughtful creation of extra storage  for this 2-bedroom apartment.

Living Room

Nei Hu 02

A suspended shoes cabinet was built in to demarcate a foyer for the entrance. Since the cabinet is suspended, it doesn’t make the space look too cramped.

The floor of the living room was slightly elevated, and covered in wood flooring to add warmth to the space.

Nei Hu 01

Adjacent to the suspended shoes cabinet, is the TV feature wall that uses white asymmetrical shelves against a light sea green wall. A very refreshing colour scheme.

Oh and I really like the weathered leather chair and the rustic wood and steel coffee table here!

Nei Hu 03

Nei Hu 04

Behind the sofa, the custom bookshelves were deliberately left back-less. Peeking through the shelves, is a wall dressed in bright lime yellow that gives such a pleasant surprise! The bright colour doesn’t look odd and out of place at all, and it certainly creates more visual depth.

Nei Hu 05

Nei Hu 06

Nei Hu 07



Nei Hu 08

Nei Hu 09

Kitchen-Dining Area

The open-plan kitchen does not disappoint either.

Probably not a very conventional choice, but grey faux brick veneers are used as the kitchen backsplash, contrasting against the simple white glossy cabinet. Together with the rustic industrial wooded table, mismatched chairs and wall mouldings in greyish blue – this corner of the house does look like a chic Parisian apartment.

Nei Hu 10

Nei Hu 11

Nei Hu 12 Nei Hu 13

 Study/Guest Room

The space behind the living room is the study area cum guest room.

The designer has cleverly incorporated pocket doors at the corner and sliding doors behind the bookshelves, so that the room can separated from the common area when privacy is needed.

Nei Hu 14

Nei Hu 15

Nei Hu 16

Master Suite

The master suite has this soothing soft pink wall that is so feminine and elegant.

Behind the bed, window shutters were used to create visual symmetry.

Other than that, the room is kept simple and not overly accessorised.

Nei Hu 17

Nei Hu 18

Nei Hu 19

Nei Hu 20

Nei Hu 21

Nei Hu 22

The en-suite bathroom is clad in patterned tiles from Italy, to keep up with the elegant feel of the bedroom.

Nei Hu 23

Nei Hu 24

Images via Interior Ink


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