Modern Oriental Homes | Project Glentrees by Mint Studio Singapore

Modern oriental homes always exude a sense of calmness and serenity.

It is not the easiest theme to pull off, as it requires a fine balance between the contemporary and oriental elements, without making the space to appear tacky.

This penthouse apartment in the Holland Village area, is a project by Mint Studio.

While the overall look of the house is clean and modern, I like how the subtle oriental flair was incorporated seamlessly to the design, like the lattice door, dining chairs and the green and grey colour scheme of the house.

Glentrees 01

Glentrees 02

Glentrees 03

Glentrees 04

Glentrees 05

Glentrees 06

Glentrees 07

Glentrees 09

Glentrees 10

Glentrees 11

Glentrees 12

Glentrees 13

Glentrees 14

Glentrees 15

Glentrees 15_1

Glentrees 16

Glentrees 17

Glentrees 19

Glentrees 20

Glentrees 21

Glentrees 22

Images via Mint Studio


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