Paris – The Decadent La Maison Favart

Favart 00

Continuing on my hunt for affordable accommodation for my Paris trip, but I found myself continue to be lured into looking at images of the luxurious hotel that are not within my budget!

Like this one, one of the top ranked Paris Hotel in TripAdvisor – La Maison Favart.

La Maison Favart is named after the famous Favart couple (founder of the Comic Opera in Paris). It is a beautiful building dated back to 1824 and was reinvested by  Architect Atelier Architects Atelier Jean-Luc Bras in collaboration with Exclusive Interiors.

I think every lady will love the interior of this hotel. It’s like a jewel box in the prettiest Ladurée macaroon hues. Delicious.

How could you not like this?

favart 01

Favart 02

Favart 03

Favart 04

Favart 05

Favart 06

Favart 08

Favart 09

Favart 10

Favart 11

Favart 12

Favart 13

Favart 14

Favart 15

Favart 16

Favart 17

Favart 18

Favart 19

Favart 20

Favart 21

Favart 22

Favart 23

Favart 24


Images via La Maison Favart 


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