Adora Green, Yishun by The Scientist

Adora green 02

When Adora Green DBSS project was just launched, I visited the show flat in Yishun with my then-boyfriend (husband now!). The was probably the first show flat we visited in the process of house hunting. We didn’t get the flat, but I could still remember the big balcony that comes with the unit.

And time flies, I think Adora Green was completed since last year.

Today I going to share a new project from The Scientist, which is a 990 sqf, 4-room apartment at Adora Green.

Adora green 04

Adora green 03

The leather sofa and pop art print in the living room, patterned tiles on dining room walls, sort of remind me of the eclectic, hipster apartments in Barcelona that I’ve seen from the Airbnb site.

Adora green 01

The “uneven” storage cabinet, is another focal point of the space. I like the laminate used here, it brings out just the right amount of rawness for a refined industrial look.

Adora green 05

Adora green 06

Love everything in this room, especially the rug! It is essentially an “as-is” room from HDB, but look so cool with all the right choice of furniture and soft-furnishings.

Adora green 07


Adora green 15

Wooden crates were incorporated into the full length storage cabinet in the study. It breaks up the monotony adds visual interest to the wall storage.

Adora green 08


The leather headboard is to-die-for!

The apartment also showcase exposed trunking and light bulbs that are thoughtfully planned to achieve the industrial aesthetic.

Adora gren 09

Adora green 10

Adora green 11

Adora green 12

Adora green 13

Adora green 14


Adora green 16


Images via The Scientist




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