Mandarin Garden by Design Rebirth

Mandrin 06

Saw this project featured in one of the home decor magazine quite some times ago, and today I chanced upon the website of the interior design firm that has transformed this space – Design Rebirth.

The apartment has an irregular shape layout, and the designer has removed several non-load bearing walls to extend the living area and master bedroom space. This also allows the owner to access her bedroom either through the living room, or via a corridor where the open concept bathroom and wardrobe is located.

The marble floor lends an overall luxurious feel to the space, and the pink and lime green Maruni bunny ears chairs in the dining room inject a fun, playful vibe to the space.

I also like the antique Chinese-inspired chest of drawers and TV console used in the living-dining area. They are such an elegant touch! For pieces like this in Singapore, you may want to try Lim’s Art and Living.

Mandrin 01

Mandrin 02

Mandrin 03

Mandrin 05

Mandrin 04


If you have a open bathroom right beside your kitchen – you better have the prettiest kitchen appliances. A pink SMEG fridge is the answer =)

Images via Design Rebirth 


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