INT2 Architecture | All-in-one box for small space living in Moscow

The last project to share in this INT2 Architecture series, is a small room of 14 square metres in Moscow.

Despite the size, the designer has creatively designed a multifunctional “box” that holds a compact storage for wardrobe, deep drawers for storage, shelves for small items, bookshelves, and a place to sleep and rest (bed and sofa). Opposite the “box” is a sliding door that functions as a the screen for the projector, and when opened, reveal a full mirror that visually enlarge the tight space.

I could really imagine spending my day in this cozy nook that is not lacking in functions at all!

INT2_Moscow 01

INT2_Moscow 02

INT2_Moscow 03

INT2_Moscow 04

INT2_Moscow 05

INT2_Moscow 06

INT2_Moscow 07

INT2_Moscow 08

INT2_Moscow 09


Images via INT2 Architecture


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