{ Ikea Collectibles } The Ranarp Lamp in the Bedroom of Bri Emery, Los Angeles (Part 3/3)

The third space of this series of posts about Ikea RANARP – is the master bedroom of Bri Emery, the blogger behind the popular lifestyle & design blog Designlovefest. Bri has collaborated with her good friend Victoria, another popular blogger from sfgirlbybay to makeover her bedroom.

The result, is a relaxing space that breathe Scandinavia, in the softest grey and pink.

By the way, totally love the Round Dorm shelf with leather strap from ferm living too.

DLF 01

DLF 02

DLF 03

DLF 04

DLF 05

DLF 06

DLF 07

DLF 08

DLF 09

DLF 10

DLF 11 DLF 12


Images via Designlovefest and sfgirlbybay



{ Ikea Collectibles } The Ranarp Lamp in Dominique Brammah and Ashley Ryan’s Home, Sydney (Part 2/3)

The second home which I spotted the Ikea RANARP lamp belongs to interior designer Dominique Brammah and her partner Ashley Ryan. Dominique works with Sydney design firm Aren’t and Pyke, and her taste is evident in how she has decorated this sunny rental apartment in Bondi, Sydney.

This is her cheerful home featured in The Design Files, besides using the RANARP lamp as the bedside lighting, the retro-looking black and white striped armchairs seen in their living room were actually upholstered in Ikea fabric! (read her full interview with The Design Files here)

Domonique 01

Domonique 02


Domonique 03

Domonique 04

Domonique 05

Domonique 06

Domonique 07

Domonique 08

Domonique 09

Domonique 10

Images via The Design Files

{ Ikea Collectibles } The Ranarp Lamp in Jaime Lee’s Home in Queensway, Singapore (Part 1/3)

Powder coated in matte off-white, with the oh-so-in-trend brass-coloured details and a cloth covered black and white cord – The RANARP series has totally captured my heart. In my opinion, this is one of the best lighting design Ikea has produced in recent years. The series comes in a work lamp (SGD 79), and a floor/standing lamp (SGD 99) in Singapore.

Probably not the cheapest lamp in Ikea, but this is such a versatile and timeless piece that I think everyone should stock-up one or two =) especially if you are a fan of Scandinavian design like me.


I’m sure you can find plenty of pretty images of interior styled with RANARP lightings from the internet.

Today I’m just going to share 3 fabulous homes which have impeccable style, and also spotted to have used RANARP lighting in their spaces. Kill two birds with one stone, right?

First up, we have an apartment in Queensway, Singapore, which Jaime Lee shares with her husband. They are the owners of The Paper Bunny, a Singapore-based online stationary/gift store that also offer custom design and styling services. Head over to their website, and you will agree that it is hard to resist those whimsical prints designed by Jaime.

Their home was featured in the lilreddotfolks, and that’s where I spotted my beloved RANARP floor/reading lamp.

Jaime 01

Jaime 01_1

Jaime 02

Jaime 03

Jaime 04

Jaime 05

Jaime 06

Jaime 07

Jaime 08


Jaime 09


Images via lilreddotfolks


Barcelona – Eric Vökel Boutique Apartments with Nordic Design, Mediterranean Soul

I got to know about Eric Vökel Boutique Apartments while searching for accommodation for my upcoming Barcelona trip.

About Eric Vökel (exceprt from his website) –

Born in Copenhagen, his life is architecture and design. Devoted collaborator with important Nordic designer studios, it was while he was on one of his many trips that he arrived in Barcelona; its architecture, culture and Mediterranean liveliness grabbed him.

The impact this city had on him was so strong that he decided to stay and bring to life his latest project: Eric Vökel Boutique Apartments.

Each of the apartments has been designed and decorated by Eric, delivering an unparalleled style that mixes Nordic design functionality and beauty with the creativity and spontaneity of Mediterranean design.

I’m really drawn to each and every apartment listed in his website. They look so effortlessly good, it feels like we could achieve the same aesthetic in our own HDB home too! The best inspiration to take away from these apartments – is probably the statement-making spanish patterned tiles headboard. It gives me the urge to shop for some patterned tiles at Hafary now =)

Eric Vökel Bcn Suite

Erik Vokel 09

Erik Vokel 07

Erik Vokel 08

Erik Vokel 10

Erik Vokel 11

Erik Vokel 03

Erik Vokel 04

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Kid’s Bedroom in the Attic – by Depot Rotterdam

This is like my childhood fantasy. When I was a kid, I’d always imagine staying in a tent. Lying on the bed, I had both my legs up to be the “supporting structure” of my blanket, to create a “cave” that made up my tent (if you could imagine). I would hold a torch light in that cave, enjoying the little camping moment =)

So don’t you feel envy of the kid who has this funky bed with a house-like structure? Just throw a blanket over the “roof”, you will get a house/tent instantly! Or just sit back and day dream at the play area below the bed…

This is the latest project I gotten from Depot Rotterdam. (It also reminds me of the small apartment in Singapore that has a house-like structure in the living room!)

Keeping the backdrop of the room all white and simple, the bed with the house-structure that echoes the shape of the attic roof becomes the focal point. The colourful poufs and toys brings out the playfulness of this minimalistic space. Definitely a space that the child can grow-up with.

Depot rotterdam 01

Depot rotterdam 02

Depot rotterdam 03

Depot rotterdam 05

Depot Rotterdam 04

Depot rotterdam 07

Depot rotterdam 08

Depot rotterdam 10

Depot rotterdam 09

Depot rotterdam 11

Depot rotterdam 12

Depot rotterdam 13

Depot rotterdam 14

Depot Rotterdam 15

Depot rotterdam 17

The rest of the house tour here –

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