Nordic Home in Braemar Hill, Hong Kong by Hoo

Hoo_mandy 14

This spacious apartment of 1,640 sqft is one of the latest projects by my favourite interior design firm in Hong Kong – Hoo.

It has a scandinavian theme with minimalistic colour choice and tasteful selection of designer furniture and lighting. What catches my eyes – the Ligne Roset ‘Cloud’ hung on the wall of living room, and the Squiggle wallpaper from the Vivienne Westwood Collection by Cole & Son. Just the right amount of punch.

Hoo_mandy 02

Hoo_mandy 15

Hoo_mandy 01

Hoo_mandy 03

Hoo_mandy 22

Hoo_mandy 23

Hoo_mandy 24

Hoo_mandy 08

Hoo_mandy 09

Hoo_mandy 10

Hoo_mandy 13

Hoo_mandy 11

Hoo_mandy 12

Hoo_mandy 04

Hoo_mandy 05

Hoo_mandy 06

Hoo_mandy 07

Hoo_mandy 20

Hoo_mandy 21

Hoo_mandy 16

Hoo_mandy 17

Hoo_mandy 18

Hoo_mandy 19


Images via Hoo


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