2B.GROUP | Lipinka Apartment in Kiev

Lipinka 11

This modern 90sqm apartment is a project completed by 2B.GROUP, an architectural firm from Kiev, Ukraine owned by two young architects, Viacheslav Balbek and Olga Bogdanova.

The apartment looks spacious for a 90sqm owing to the open-layout and the clean lined structure. As you browse through the images, do look out for some of the cute little details in the apartment. Customised handles and knobs on the cabinetry, cubby holes for wine bottles storage in the dining area, whimsical art piece by the dining table and the old suitcase-turned wall storage – the details speak well for the space.

lipinka 01

Lipinka 02

Lipinka 03

Lipinka 04

Lipinka 05

Lipinka 07

Lipinka 06

Lipinka 08

Lipinka 09

Lipinka 10

Lipinka 12

Lipinka 13

Lipinka 14

Lipinka 15

Lipinka 16

Lipinka 17

Lipinka 18

Lipinka 19

Lipinka 20

Lipinka 21

Lipinka 22

Lipinka 23

Lipinka 24


Images via 2B.GROUP


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