October in Barcelona | TOC Hostel Barcelona (Part 2/2)

TOC Barcelona_FB 01

The room

(Pardon the bad lighting in the photos that I have taken using my phone. Above is a picture that i grabbed from TOC Facebook page in order to give you a better idea of the room.)

So, this was the room we’ve stayed in TOC Hostel Barcelona.

I was expecting a room with a double bed, but it came with 2 more bunk beds at the back (well, the counter staff called this an upgrade). In my opinion, it is quite a tiny space to accommodate 4 people, but it worked perfectly fine for the two of us :)

Like the common area at the ground floor, the room is very very new, and nicely done up to create that cozy, young and chic look (it looked way better than all the budget hotels I’ve stayed before). I like how they had used perforated board to create an alcove for the queen bed to provide more privacy for everyone staying in the room. The same material is used for the wardrobe door and it looks really good. The room also came with a private bathroom and toilet. The shower stall is clad in simple white beveled subway tiles, and in the toilet, you will find a good-looking exposed brick wall, adding more characters and charm to that tiny space.

Oh yes, there were plenty of clean towels and individual-packed toiletries provided too, nice!













So, how do I rate the overall experience in TOC Hostel Barcelona?

As other reviews have mentioned, the service at the front desk was quite slow. It really didn’t bother me that much, but I do hope they will improve their process soon to make the whole experience even better!

That aside, I had a really enjoyable stay in TOC Hostel Barcelona. The location was fantastic and the room had everything we needed – air conditioning, TV, free WIFI. Most importantly, it was within our budget :D

So you might really want to give this place a try if you are planning to visit Barcelona!


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