2B.GROUP | The Oh!dessa Apartment

The is a 180sqm apartment located in Odessa, Ukraine. Another recently completed project by 2B.GROUP architecture firm.

The owner had requested the architects to create an open space that is conducive for hosting parties and guests, but still feel cozy for her.  To create an open sense of space, there are minimum doors or walls in the apartment. Instead, different zones of living space were subtly divided by concrete columns, curtains, and different floor heights. The layout of the apartment is carefully planned in such a way that her guests can mingle from one zone to the other with ease, but when a guest stays in one area, he only see what is functionally justified and preserving privacy of other areas.

The overall look of the apartment speaks industrial. To bring warmth to the concrete columns and ceiling, there are plenty of wood used in the furniture and kitchen. In the bedroom, did you notice that moorings were used to create the mouldings on the wall? The idea feels original, and it is a nice touch that added elegance to the interior.

Oh yea, remember to check out the toilet/bathroom of this apartment. So stylish that it will impress every guests!

ohdessa 01

ohdessa 02

Ohdessa 03

Ohdessa 04

ohdessa 05

ohdessa 06

Ohdessa 07


ohdessa 08

ohdessa 09

ohdessa 10

ohdessa 11

ohdessa 12

ohdessa 13

ohdessa 14

ohdessa 15

ohdessa 16

ohdessa 17

ohdessa 18

ohdessa 19

ohdessa 20

ohdessa 21

ohdessa 22

ohdessa 23

ohdessa 24


Images via 2B.GROUP on Behance 


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