A Contemporary Home in Neutral Palette – by WCH Interior 王俊宏室内装修设计

WCH 004

I’m not usually a big fan of interior that is too matchy-matchy in colours and material. But I’m really drawn to this contemporary apartment in Taiwan, a project by W.C.H Interior Design. The shades of beige and grey lend the space a very soft, calming and serene mood. Having a home like this, it will be such a bliss to come home to after hard day’s work.

P/S: Also spotted here –

WCH 001

WCH 002

WCH 003

WCH 005


WCH 007

WCH 006

WCH 008

WCH 009

WCH 010

WCH 011

WCH 012

Images via W.C.H Interior Design




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