A Designer’s Whimsical Studio 張馨的天空之城小畫室

Cynthia 06

I really like this whimsical studio that belongs to Taiwanese interior designer 張馨 Cynthia.

Cynthia is a talented designer who is know for creating classic interiors, American or English country homes in Taiwan (you can view her portfolio here).

The bright and airy apartment here is her personal hideout where she does her design works and paintings. The decor was inspired by her own drawing of a bunny house below. How cute right?

fairy tale

Cynthia 01

Cynthia 02

Cynthia 03

Cynthia 04

Cynthia 05

Cynthia 07

Cynthia 08

Cynthia 09

Cynthia 11

Cynthia 10

Cynthia 16

Cynthia 12

Cynthia 13

Cynthia 14

Cynthia 15_01

Cynthia 15


Cynthia 17

Cynthia 18

Cynthia 19

Cynthia 20

Cynthia 21

Cynthia 22

Cynthia 23

Cynthia 24

Cynthia 25

Images via Cynthia’s blog


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