Dark Interior | Waterbank Condo at Dakota Crescent by Architology

I’m one of those who will have a hard time deciding on a theme or colour palette when it comes to the design of my own home, simply because there are just so many interior styles that I like.

While I certainly like the all-white, bright and airy Scandinavian aesthetic, I do love the dark and dramatic look that features large expanse of walls in deep hues, like Abigail Ahern‘s house in east London.

Black is not the most popular wall colour to use in the relative small flats in Singapore. So I really admire home owners who took the leap of faith and crossed to the “dark side” like this condominium project by Architology. I think it looks really cool, and very sexy =)

waterbank 04

waterbank 05

waterbank 01

waterbank 03

waterbank 02

waterbank 07

waterbank 08

waterbank 09

waterbank 10

waterbank 11

waterbank 12

waterbank 13 waterbank 14

waterbank 15

waterbank 16

waterbank 18

waterbank 17

waterbank 19

waterbank 20

waterbank 21

waterbank 23

Images via Architology Facebook page


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