A Bachelor Pad with Quiet Industrial Charm| Green Haven Show Suite by 0932 Design Consultants

Green Haven is a serviced residence development in Johor, Malaysia, and they have gotten Singapore-based interior design firm 0932 Design Consultants to design their sales gallery and show suites. One of the show suites shared by 0932 Design Consultants in their Facebook page is this 754 sqft apartment, which was designed with the concept of creating a bachelor pad in mind.

I really like how glass panels are used to replace most of the interior walls here. It kind of resembles those in a Parisian apartment. Besides allowing more light into the space, it also visually expands the otherwise small apartment, blurring the boundaries of dining, living and bedroom.

As usual, it has this very quite charm and sophistication as seen in other works from 0932 Design Consultants. What’s not to like here?

0932 green haven 02

0932 green haven 03

0932 green haven 04

0932 green haven 05

0932 green haven 06

0932 green haven 07

0932 green haven 08

0932 green haven 09

0932 green haven 10

0932 green haven 11

0932 green haven 12

0932 green haven 13

0932 green haven 14

0932 green haven 15

0932 green haven 01

Images via 0932 Design Consultants

Photo Credit . David Chan & Dennis Lim


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