A Serene Hong Kong Apartment by Hoo

Time just passes so quickly and it is July now!

Work has been quite crazy lately and I’m barely coping.

To get through that mid-week feeling, I would just like to go with something simple and soothing, just like this apartment in Hong Kong.

A project by Hoo, this apartment is not overly decorated with knick-knacks nor shouting for attention. Lots of breathing space was left for the full height cabinet painted in beautiful french grey and the chinoiserie armoire. The apartment just feel so tasteful and calming.

Not a bad idea at all to come home to a place like this after a long hectic day in the city.

hoo 05 hoo 01 hoo 02 hoo 03 hoo 04 hoo 06 hoo 07

hoo 08

hoo 09 hoo 11 hoo 12 hoo 13 hoo 14 hoo 15

Images via Hoo


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