White and Blue Minimalistic Apartment by in Him’s Interior Design Hong Kong

With one of the highest property prices in the world, small sized apartment are common in Hong Kong.

Here’s another small-sized apartment with cool design to share. This is a City One Block 51 project by in Him’s Interior Design.

Most parts of the hose including the furniture are kept in white to visually enlarge the space. The design is minimalistic, but is far from boring, due to the clever use of accent colour – blue. The injection of blue against the white background, the white sand filled below the glass of the study table, evoke the relaxing feeling of Santorini…

Not too bad at all for a tiny apartment in Hong Kong!

In hims CityOne 01

The customised side table (above) can be expanded and turned into a dining table when needed (below).

And the original coffee table? Just the right height to become the seating bench!

In hims CityOne 02

In hims CityOne 03

In hims CityOne 04

In hims CityOne 05

In hims CityOne 06

In hims CityOne 07

In hims CityOne 08

In hims CityOne 09

Images via in Him’s Interior Design