Colourful Home | An Energetic Apartment in Moscow

Colourful moscow 01

I like colours. Colours set the mood of a space.

However, the idea of mixing different colours and patterns could be a little bit intimidating to a lot of people. So we ended up playing safe and stick to one of two neutral colours on our walls.

These projects are great examples of how colours can bring life, character and soul to a space. I really admire the eyes of the designers/home owners to have created these amazing colourful homes.

The first one is a small apartment of 42 sqm in Moscow, done by Олейник Оксана. While white and neutral tone are always soothing to look at, who says you can’t use high intensity colours in a small space? This apartment is bursting with colours, and full of energy. Staying in an apartment like this, I bet the winter in Moscow is not really an issue here :)

colourful moscow 02

colourful moscow 03

Colourful moscow 04

colourful moscow 05

Colourful moscow_10

Colourful moscow_13

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INT2 Architecture| A Saint Petersburg Apartment High in Scandinavian Charm (Part 1/3)


INT2 is a Russian architecture and interior design firm that has perfected the art of Scandinavian interior décor. Their projects are very different from what I would’ve imagined of the styles of homes in Russia, and I just couldn’t stop sharing with you how beautiful they are =)

The first apartment is a 2-bedroom apartment with high ceilings located in the centre of St. Petersburg. The owners’ wish was to have a bright airy space, while preserving separate rooms to serve the functions of living room, kitchen, bedroom and a nursery.

What I love most about this apartment – the mix of patterned tiles used in the bathroom area. The patterns combination is bold and interesting, and the pink hue tiles at the wall behind the bathtub just made it look refreshing and pleasing to the eyes…


Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 11.38.36 pm

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 11.39.00 pm



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Budget-friendly Decorating – Taking cue from Serviced Apartments in Hong Kong (Part 2/2)

This is a project by Urban Design & Build. A classic Tong Lau was converted into a chic and cozy walk up serviced apartment in Soho, Hong Kong.

Again, we see how a can of white paint and carefully curated accessories can transform any space. A few pieces of art, and some great pillows and blanket – you get a simple, cozy and relaxing haven in the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong.

Chic walk up 01

Chic walk up 02

Chic walk up 03

Chic walk up 04

Chic walk up 05

Chic walk up 06


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