Ganna Design 甘納設計 | A Family Home With A Boutique Hotel Vibe in Taipei

There are some design studios and interior designers that I will constantly look up for their latest projects because they are always so fabulous. One of them has got to be Ganna Studio 甘納設計 from Taiwan. Ganna Studio is helmed by designer couple Lin Shih-Jie and Chen Ting-Liang. They have a very distinctly stylish contemporary take on design, and their work has always feel original and full of surprises. In this and the next post, I’m going to share their 2 of their recent projects which I really like. This is the Chorus project, an amazing transformation of a 30-year old building into a modern, boutique hotel style home for a family of 4. Chorus 01 chorus 02

Above: The original partitions at the first floor were removed, to create one large open space for the communal area. The focal point of this floor is definitely the large kitchen and the long dining tables extended from the island,  with a mix designer chairs in all shades of pink and red. This is the heart of the home where the family gathers most of the time.

chorus 03

Above: To create a more streamlined look, large panels of kitchen cabinets are built for storage and to house the kitchen appliances. The connecting wall of the kitchen cabinets was done in a cement wall finishing to mimic the colour of the cabinets. The 2 opening doors are actually the entrance to toilets at this floor.

chorus 04

Above: The pink armoire is an old piece of furniture retained from the previous home, and given a new life with this vibrant pink colour. 
ganna_chorus 05

chorus 05

Above: Instead of the conventional media unit or condole, the TV was placed in front of a large wall of bookshelves that hold the collection of books from the couple.

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{ Wallpaper Journal } I found you! Chance Perfecto Wallcovering by ÉLITIS

Ever since I saw the sculptural wallcovering used by Ganna Studio on their pivot panels, I was dying to find out the source of this interesting and unique wallcovering.

Searching high and low on the Internet, but to no avail.

And yesterday, I just chanced upon this wallcovering while randomly surfing the net. And what a coincidence, the wallpaper that I’ve been dreaming of is from a collection called  “Chance Perfecto”! Perfect indeed.

Chance Perfecto

Anyway, this 3-d wallcovering is from ÉLITIS, a French company that designs and produces contemporary wallpapers and fabrics.

So how do they make the wallcovering appears 3-d?

Well, on a non-woven backing, a jersey fabric is laid over foam, and then “thermo-formed” with a mould, to enhance the contrast between matt and shines. It also offers acoustic qualities and it is washable.

While it does come with a price tag (it is sold by meter), I do feel that it is worth the investment for the visual impact that it will achieve.

The next time you want to invest in faux brick feature wall in our Singapore HDB apartment, why not consider something more interesting like this Chance Perfecto 3-d wallcovering?

Following are 2 projects that showcase the use of the same product in interiors of different style.

Modern and Quirky – Ganna Studio Taipei

Ganna Studio 1


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Taipei Apartment 台北市文山区 - 陈宅 by Ganna Studio

Ganna Design is a relatively young design studio based in Taiwan that has been quite a hit recently.

The designers’ own home + studio space was being featured in a number of Asia and European major home decor magazines, websites, and blogs including the Elle Decor Italia websites!

This modern apartment designed by Ganna Studio for a family of three is another recent project that I really really like.

Ganna 1

ganna design 01

Ganna 2

An integrated TV and storage unit in dark color scheme anchors the living-dining area.  The doors of the storage unit were actually painted with chalkboard paint to provide a canvas for the kid to doodle on.

Ganna 3

The folding doors of the bookshelves provide flexibility – it can be opened up to showcase the owner’s display, or close up to achieve a more streamlined look.

ganna design 09 ganna design 10

Can you guess that this paneling on the door is a 3D textile wall-covering?

ganna design 03ganna design 04

At the dining area, the wall done a very pretty shade of greyish blue and provides a nice contrast to the dark colored TV& storage unit.

ganna design 05

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