A 4-Room HDB Flat Dressed-up in Interesting Patterned Tiles by The Scientist

Patterned tiles are quite a trend in the Singapore interior design scene these 2 years. We frequently see Spanish tiles and Peranakan tiles being used in cafes and restaurants, and they are increasingly popular in residential homes too. A small “dose” of patterned tiles will add enough visual drama to any cookie-cutter HDB flats. This 4-room HDB apartment at Marine Parade is a project by The Scientist. There are a lot of interesting vignette to look at within the apartment, but the focal point has got to be the kitchen, which is clad in colourful tiles of different patterns on the floor and on each side of the walls. Bold move by the designer and the home owners, as layering patterns on patterns is not the easiest task. The effort paid off well in this unique home, it looks fabulous. MP 07

MP 08

MP 09

MP 05

MP 04

MP 06

MP 03

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0932 Design Consultants | A 3-room HDB Flat Transformation

Few months ago, there was this program “Small Spaces” 小空间 shown on Channel 8, that I followed every week. In each episode, Belinda Lee, the host explored the design and spatial planning of small apartments in Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Among the Singapore apartments featured in the show, this one is my favourite. It is a 893 sqft 3-room HDB flat that has been transformed by 0932 Design Consultants into this beautiful home.

(To read my previous post on 0932 Design Consultants, click here)







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A Punggol Walk 5-room Flat by Fuse Concept

This is a 5 room HDB flat in Punggolwalk, designed by Fuse Concept.

White walls, wood floor, and enough breathing space for the beautiful furniture and art to stand out; it has a pared down aesthetic which I’m starting to appreciate more and more.

Punggol Walk_01

Punggol Walk_02

Punggol Walk_03

Punggol Walk_04

Punggol Walk_05

Punggol Walk_06

Punggol Walk_07

Images via Fuse Concept

Low Cost High Impact | Chevron painted wall

I’m a fan of chevron and always like the idea of chevron patterned wall. For some reason, the idea of painting the walls with chevron or any geometric patterns is not that commonly seen in Singapore homes.

So I was really excited when I saw this HDB apartment featured in the August issue of Squarerooms. The designers from t-werkz and home owners have decided to bring in some chevron patterns in bright colours to liven up their scandinavian style home!

Chevron 01

See, if you can’t find a perfect headboard that you like, why settled for less? You could just paint one for yourself in your favourite colours =)

Chevron 02

Chevron 03


For the rest of the home tour, go get the August issue of Squarerooms!

Images via Squarerooms 

Retro Country HDB Flat by Three-D-Conceptwerke

“Alice in the Wonderland” is the design theme that Three-D-Conceptwerke has set for this 4-room HDB flat at Eunos Crescent.

It’s obvious that a lot of thoughts have been put into decorating and accessorizing  the flat. There’s danish-style TV console, whitewash shabby chic cupboard, colourful sofa and lots of vintage looking accessories, all to conjure a retro country style home that is whimsical at the same time.

Eunos 1

Eunos 2

All the picture frames are actually from Ikea. Just some spray paint – you get something more unique and personalised.

Eunos 3

Eunos 4

Partition walls were torn down to create an open-concept layout. To still provide privacy for the lady owner, a folding door was installed to separate the master bedroom from the living area when needed.

Eunos 5

Eunos 6

Eunos 7

In the dining room, a table cloth in hawaiian floral print is spotted, adding a sense of playfulness to the space.

Eunos 8

Eunos 9

The kitchen backsplash is dressed in a mood-uplifting lemony yellow tiles, tying in with all other yellow colour accessories seen throughout the flat.

What a happy home to come back to after every long day of work!

Images via Three-D-Conceptwerke