Raw and Beautiful | A Sin Ming Ave Apartment by Artistroom

Cement screed flooring always reminds me of my childhood days spent at my grandmother’s house. The cooling effect felt underfoot was a joy in our hot weather. It is a material with timeless appeal and looks great with almost any décor. The finish of cement screed flooring will change as it ages and cracks are expected to occur overtime. That’s what making it raw and beautiful.

In this apartment designed by Artistroom, the build-ins and colour scheme were kept simple and streamlined; giving enough breathing space for the gorgeous screed flooring and kitchen backsplash to shine. It is effortlessly beautiful.

sin ming 01

Sinming 02 copy 3Sinming 02 copy 2Sinming 03Sinming 04 copy

Sinming 06Sinming 05Sinming 07

Images via Artistroom 

0932 Design Consultants | A 3-room HDB Flat Transformation

Few months ago, there was this program “Small Spaces” 小空间 shown on Channel 8, that I followed every week. In each episode, Belinda Lee, the host explored the design and spatial planning of small apartments in Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Among the Singapore apartments featured in the show, this one is my favourite. It is a 893 sqft 3-room HDB flat that has been transformed by 0932 Design Consultants into this beautiful home.

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A Punggol Walk 5-room Flat by Fuse Concept

This is a 5 room HDB flat in Punggolwalk, designed by Fuse Concept.

White walls, wood floor, and enough breathing space for the beautiful furniture and art to stand out; it has a pared down aesthetic which I’m starting to appreciate more and more.

Punggol Walk_01

Punggol Walk_02

Punggol Walk_03

Punggol Walk_04

Punggol Walk_05

Punggol Walk_06

Punggol Walk_07

Images via Fuse Concept