Small Space Living Singapore | House within a House

Following up on our topic of small space living in Singapore, this is another amazing space done by Prozfile. This is a also the winner of the Apartment Therapy Small Cool 2013 International Division! For the entry in Apartment Therapy, click here 

Contrary to the usual belief that you should to keep a small space bare and minimal, this 570 sqft one-bedroom loft apartment in Bishan is full of fun and characters.

Home to a creative director – Carmen Tang, the apartment has lots of unique and quirky features that showcase the creativity of the homeowner and designer, including a “house within a house”.

Petite Loft 1

The focal point of the house, is a metal-frame outline of a house sitting in the living room of the loft. Totally gorgeous!

Petite Loft 02

A couple of exposed bulb lighting are kept dangling from the “roof” to the metal house, adding a sense of industrial feel to the loft.

Petite Loft 03

Exposed brick wall is really a hit in Singapore apartment now. For Carmen’s apartment, it is done is a combination of horizontal, vertical and herringbone patterns to fill up the vertical space.

Opposite the brick wall, wood laminate paneling is used to create a feature wall to highlight the soaring ceiling height.

Petite Loft 04

Petite Loft 05

Fancy to day dream in a bubble chair?

You can never have enough storage space in a small space home. Elevated platform provides practical storage solution for bulky items that you don’t need on daily basis.

Petite Loft 06
Petite Loft 07

Maximising the vertical space of the loft, a hanging library with wire mesh floor was built to display the home owner’s collections of books and accessories.

Petite loft 08

Petite Loft 09

Petite Loft 10

The bedroom also features exposed brick wall, hanging light bulb and a customised bed platform made from pine pallets, to tie in with the quirky indutrial style of the living area. (Anyway, spot the Ikea PS 2012 drop-leaf table here?)

Petite Loft 11

Petite Loft 12


Images via Home & Decor, Prozfile

Small Space Living Singapore| Clean-lined Shoebox Apartment in Queenstown

I live in a small apartment of 667 sqft, and I really understand the challenge of making a pocket-sized space comfortable, functional, and still stylish at the same time. Hence I always feel very excited when I found projects of small homes with mega style and character.

When it comes to decorating small spaces, there are many “theories” or “tips” shared by designers or design bloggers over the internet. Do you go for neutral, white colours to create an airy look; or do you go for dark moody paint colours to blur the boundaries of the space? Should you keep the space clean and minimal; or go all out with patterns and colours to create a small space with high visual impact?

Today, I’ll be sharing two of my favourite small homes in Singapore that were featured in Home & Decor magazine before. Both have different approach in design, but equally gorgeous.

The first apartment is a 560 sqft shoebox unit in Queenstown, Singapore, designed by Mike Tan from The Interarch Design. (By the way, Mike Tan is also the man behind the uber cool lifestyle and furniture store EGG3)

interarch bishan 01

Entering the apartment, you are greeted by the abundance of natural lighting. In this apartment, all the walls are kept white, a few pieces of black furniture and accessories make the space more stylish and fashionable.

Interarch bishan 02

Use a day bed in the living room. There’s storage below it, and double-up as extra sleeping space when there’s guest visiting.

Interarch bishan 03

The monochromatic kitchen with a built-in counter that also serves as the dining table for the home owner.

Interarch bishan 04

Style should not be given up even if you are living in a small home. A couple of apothecary jars, some books and flowers, makes a pretty corner.

Interarch bishan 05

Two sides of the bedroom comes with bay window, which made the living space even smaller.

The designer has managed to turn them into part of the design though. One set of the bay windows was converted into seating area with cushion placed on the ledge. The other bay window ledge was covered in dark timber strip to create a more cohesive look, and also double-up as display area.

Interarch Bishan 06

Small space living – every inch counts, and under bed storage is always a great idea.

Interarch bishan 07

A second bedroom was converted into a walk-in wardrobe, and it flows nicely to the en-suite bathroom and the master bedroom.

Interarch bishan 08

This is an example of small apartment that is simple, stylish and chic.

In the next post, I’ll be posting on the another apartment in Singapore that uses a different approach in decorating the small space.

Images via Home & Decor