Oh so pretty by Hoo

Hoo is a Hong Kong based interior design & home styling firm. Their style is simply impeccable and I love every project of theirs. You really have to check out their portfolio.

This apartment is located at Mid-levels Hong Kong – a bright airy Scandinavian theme; accented with marbles, pastel color, Wishbone chairs, and even a Safretti fireplace!

The duck-egg blue entrance sets the tone before you enter the apartment. Oh so pretty ~

Gisele 1

Gisele 2

Gisele 3

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A Modern Paris Apartment in Taiwan – by Folk Design 馥閣設計

This apartment of a young couple is designed by one of my favorite design studio in Taiwan, Folk Design.

A combination of materials – natural stone, metal work and wood tiles was used for the TV feature wall. The tone of the wood tiles adds warmth to the space.


The wall between living area and kitchen was demolished and replaced with tinted glass to allow more natural light coming in and yet maintain the cosy and intimate tone of the apartment.

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Family House – Brussels, by Depot Rotterdam

When I came across the space that were designed by the Dutch design studio – Depot Rotterdam, I couldn’t help to feel this instant burst of excitement. It has everything that I dream of having in a Scandinavian home. The colors used in their designs are so much fun! Think of all the possible candy-colored hue, bright colors against crisp white canvas…  Though colorful, it still maintain the airy, clean and bright feel that is typical of the Scandinavian design. This home that I’m going to share today is a family home in Brussels. DepotRotterdam_0

DepotRotterdam_1 Green banquet seating with a pair of oversize bright purple hanging lamps – not what you would normally think of pairing in the color wheel but looking totally pretty in this space. The next time you want to incorporate a banquet seating in your house, forget about the boring-generic-banquet that makes your house looks just like a fast-food restaurant :P

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