Small Space Living | Simple and Breezy Apartments in Hong Kong (Part 2/2)

The second small space renovation project from Urban Design & Build is a 380 sqft loft walk-up.

It has 2 bedrooms in the original layout and the design brief was to transform the apartment into 2 individual suites. The larger one for the owner while the other suite will be rented out.

380 sqft is a not a large space to start of with. I think the designers have done a great job in carving out the 2 suites and still retaining the functionalities for each. Decor and styling is beautifully simple,  each of the suites exudes a serene and calming vibe that is much needed in any small living space.

Suite 1:

Loft_walkup_01 Loft_walkup_02 Loft_walkup_03 Loft_walkup_04 Loft_walkup_05 Loft_walkup_06 Loft_walkup_07

Suite 2:

Loft_walkup_B_01 Loft_walkup_B_02 Loft_walkup_B_03 Loft_walkup_B_04 Loft_walkup_B_05 Loft_walkup_B_06 Loft_walkup_B_07

Images via Urban Design & Build

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Small Space Living | Simple and Breezy Apartments in Hong Kong (Part 1/2)

Remember the chic walk-up serviced apartment in the Hong Kong classic Tong Lau?

The folks at the Urban Design & Build have shared with me another 2 of their projects recently. Looking at the images, it is surprising to know that they are just merely below 200 sqft and 400 sqft each. We don’t usually associate “breezy interior” with small living spaces, but these 2 apartments demonstrate that with careful planning (and of course great taste and discipline to keep things minimal), you can still have that relaxing airy feel albeit the small square footage.

The first project is Studio M.

This 200 sqft studio apartment is designed for a single lady. The main living space has a Scandinavian color palette of white and grey. An interesting area rug ground the living room. I especially like design of the sliding door that partitions the sleeping area to give privacy, and still allowing flexibilities to open up the living space.

Located in the heart of CWB, it comes with a 180 sqft rooftop terrace. The lavender upholstery and the accessories used give a feminine touch to this space. This beautiful terrace will certainly make a great entertainment space for friends and family to gather.

Studio_M_01 Studio_M_02 Studio_M_03 Studio_M_04 Studio_M_05 Studio_M_06 Studio_M_07 Studio_M_08 Studio_M_09 Studio_M_outdoor_01 Studio_M_outdoor_02 Studio_M_outdoor_03 Studio_M_outdoor_04 Studio_M_outdoor_05 Studio_M_outdoor_06 Studio_M_outdoor_07 Studio_M_outdoor_08 Studio_M_outdoor_09 Studio_M_outdoor_10

Images via Urban Design & Build 

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A Warm and Cozy Family Home in Hong Kong

As the couple preparing for retirement, they decided that it’s the best time to move into a new home to celebrate the next stage in life.

K Design Studio was engaged to give  a new life to this apartment they share with 2 daughters in Tin Shui Wai 天水圍 ( Central Park Towers 栢慧豪園 ). In this 698 sq ft apartment, elements of English garden theme were layered with Scandinavian colour palette and furnishings to create a warm and cozy home that the family could really enjoy. Stepping into the apartment, guests are greeted by black and white octagonal floor tiles that demarcates the foyer from the living dining area. This feature is usually seen in larger and traditional homes, but I feel that it works wonder in smaller space, adding more depths and curiosities to any cookie-cutter apartment layout. Central Park Towers 01

central park towers 12

On the left of the entrance, is a kitchen fitted with kelly green cabinetry and brass handle that channel a classic English feel (this also reminds me of the ultra glam green kitchen seen in Cameron Diaz’s home designed by Kelly Wearstler).

central park towers 13

central park towers 03

The walls of the storeroom right after the entrance were demolished to carve a nook for the daughter’s piano.

central park towers 04

Lots of wood are used in the living-dining area to introduce warmth the interior.

central park towers 07

Like how the animal artwork and colorful accessories adding a touch of whimsy to the living room.

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Small Space Living | I·UniQ Grand 譽 ·東 by Grande Interior Design, Hong Kong

I like the refreshing 小清新 vibe of this little apartment of 637 sqft in Hong Kong, designed by Grande Interior Design

grande 01A minty green wall in the living room for the Bang & Olufsen speaker to sing.

grande 03grande 04grande 02A marble bar counter serves as the dining area for the homeowners. The bird cage wall decals were positioned at an angle to mimic the wind movement. A very relaxing area that feels still feel  luxurious with the use of marble.

grande 12

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White + Wood | A Family Home at Mountain Court, Ho Man Tin by A Square

White walls and light wood are perfect combination in creating an easy going and relaxing home, especially given the abundance of sunlight we enjoy all year round in Singapore. Be it Scandinavian, minimalist Japanese or a contemporary modern home, white and wood is a versatile scheme that will fit right in.

In the | White + Wood | series,  we will look at projects that have utilised light wood and neutral palette as the main theme in their design.

mountain court 01

This is a 1380 sqft, 2 bedroom apartment in Ho Man Tin, Hong Kong, shared by a young couple and their son. The designer from A Square has fulfilled the homeowners’ wishes to filled their home with ample of wood, inspired by the green leafy tree visible from the living room. 

mountain court 02

A good looking gallery wall here to add visual interest to the white wall. Keeping the artwork in black and white gives a more contemporary and stylish look.

mountain court 05

I like the idea here, never thought a simple strip of faux grass could be a such a refreshing feature on the wall.

mountain court 12

mountain court 03

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