0932 Design Consultants | A 3-room HDB Flat Transformation

Few months ago, there was this program “Small Spaces” 小空间 shown on Channel 8, that I followed every week. In each episode, Belinda Lee, the host explored the design and spatial planning of small apartments in Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Among the Singapore apartments featured in the show, this one is my favourite. It is a 893 sqft 3-room HDB flat that has been transformed by 0932 Design Consultants into this beautiful home.

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Bricks Amsterdam | A Garage-converted Loft

Garage 01

Another project from Bricks Amsterdam.

In this project, Bricks Amsterdam has stayed true to their design philosophy – “Timeless Eclecticism“, and converted an old garage into this stylish, quirky and uber cool industrial home.

Garage 02

Garage 03

Garage 05

Garage 04

Garage 07

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Lee’s Design | A Modern Loft Shared by Two Sisters

Another gorgeous space done up by Lee’s Design 文儀設計, and this one has a more modern and polished look as compared to the 2 projects that I have posted previously.

Making use of the vertical space, 2 bedrooms were created to provide individual space for the sisters. Glass panels were used to demarcate the rooms, and hence allowing plenty of natural light to stream into the loft. White walls and light wood floor keep everything visually light. In the living room, the red sofa added just the right amount of accent and femininity to the loft. Pretty~

Lee's design loft 01

Lee's design loft 03

Lee's design loft 07

Lee's design loft 08

Lee's design loft 003

Lee's design loft 12

Lee's design loft 004

Lee's design loft 13

Lee's design loft 15

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Kid’s Bedroom in the Attic – by Depot Rotterdam

This is like my childhood fantasy. When I was a kid, I’d always imagine staying in a tent. Lying on the bed, I had both my legs up to be the “supporting structure” of my blanket, to create a “cave” that made up my tent (if you could imagine). I would hold a torch light in that cave, enjoying the little camping moment =)

So don’t you feel envy of the kid who has this funky bed with a house-like structure? Just throw a blanket over the “roof”, you will get a house/tent instantly! Or just sit back and day dream at the play area below the bed…

This is the latest project I gotten from Depot Rotterdam. (It also reminds me of the small apartment in Singapore that has a house-like structure in the living room!)

Keeping the backdrop of the room all white and simple, the bed with the house-structure that echoes the shape of the attic roof becomes the focal point. The colourful poufs and toys brings out the playfulness of this minimalistic space. Definitely a space that the child can grow-up with.

Depot rotterdam 01

Depot rotterdam 02

Depot rotterdam 03

Depot rotterdam 05

Depot Rotterdam 04

Depot rotterdam 07

Depot rotterdam 08

Depot rotterdam 10

Depot rotterdam 09

Depot rotterdam 11

Depot rotterdam 12

Depot rotterdam 13

Depot rotterdam 14

Depot Rotterdam 15

Depot rotterdam 17

The rest of the house tour here –

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Rebecca Robertson’s Family Loft in Brooklyn

Brooklyn loft 01

There are some houses that will just make my heart flutters, and this one, is definitely one of those.

This is a factory converted 2-storey loft in Brooklyn, belongs to former Martha Stewart Living decorating editor Rebecca Robertson and her husband Marco Pasanella. The couple worked with the building’s architect-developers, Alloy to create this stunning, warm and inviting family home. In love with every inch of the space…

Brooklyn loft 02

Brooklyn loft 03

Brooklyn loft 04

Brooklyn loft 05

Brooklyn loft 07

Brooklyn loft 08

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