Interior Styling Projects by Make Room

Make Room is an interior design/home decor/furniture store in Singapore, founded by Barbara Fritschy, who is an ex-banker turned interior designer. What I’m excited about this firm is that they also  provide interior styling service for the normal homes.

Interior styling service is not something that is very common in Singapore, except for commercial space or the more luxurious homes.

In a typical renovation project, home owners would engage interior designers to design and build the interior “bones” of the house, e.g. bespoke carpentries, kitchen, re-tiling of toilet etc. After which, they usually do their own shopping for furniture and accessories, which is no issue at all for people with clear vision of their home design.

But for people who would like to take one step further to create their dream home but found in difficult to pull their ideas together; or for those who do not have a budget for a complete renovation but yet want to have stylish pretty home – interior styling service by the experts may really help.

When styling a space into your home, every pillow, pouf, base and art piece counts.

Following are some of the Singapore homes styled by Make Room that I really like. Each with a different style, but equally pretty  ~

♥ Relaxing Urban Home at Newton ♥






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