Nordic Home in Braemar Hill, Hong Kong by Hoo

Hoo_mandy 14

This spacious apartment of 1,640 sqft is one of the latest projects by my favourite interior design firm in Hong Kong – Hoo.

It has a scandinavian theme with minimalistic colour choice and tasteful selection of designer furniture and lighting. What catches my eyes – the Ligne Roset ‘Cloud’ hung on the wall of living room, and the Squiggle wallpaper from the Vivienne Westwood Collection by Cole & Son. Just the right amount of punch.

Hoo_mandy 02

Hoo_mandy 15

Hoo_mandy 01

Hoo_mandy 03

Hoo_mandy 22

Hoo_mandy 23

Hoo_mandy 24

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Barcelona – Eric Vökel Boutique Apartments with Nordic Design, Mediterranean Soul

I got to know about Eric Vökel Boutique Apartments while searching for accommodation for my upcoming Barcelona trip.

About Eric Vökel (exceprt from his website) –

Born in Copenhagen, his life is architecture and design. Devoted collaborator with important Nordic designer studios, it was while he was on one of his many trips that he arrived in Barcelona; its architecture, culture and Mediterranean liveliness grabbed him.

The impact this city had on him was so strong that he decided to stay and bring to life his latest project: Eric Vökel Boutique Apartments.

Each of the apartments has been designed and decorated by Eric, delivering an unparalleled style that mixes Nordic design functionality and beauty with the creativity and spontaneity of Mediterranean design.

I’m really drawn to each and every apartment listed in his website. They look so effortlessly good, it feels like we could achieve the same aesthetic in our own HDB home too! The best inspiration to take away from these apartments – is probably the statement-making spanish patterned tiles headboard. It gives me the urge to shop for some patterned tiles at Hafary now =)

Eric Vökel Bcn Suite

Erik Vokel 09

Erik Vokel 07

Erik Vokel 08

Erik Vokel 10

Erik Vokel 11

Erik Vokel 03

Erik Vokel 04

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