Luxurious Edge | A 2-storey apartment renovated by Studio Wills + Architects

This 2-storey apartment at The Arris located within Tanjong Pagar area in Singapore, looks just like those cool and stylish London homes that would be featured  in magazine like Livingetc.

Designed by Studio Wills + Architects, I really love the kitchen and the walk-in wardrobe concept of the master bedroom. The colour choice of black, blue with brass accents; and the use of a variety of textures and materials such as patterned tiles, marble and metal-framed doors created this very luxurious but edgy space. There is nothing I don’t like about this space :)

arris 01 arris 02 arrisarris kitchenarris powder room

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Ganna Design 甘納設計 | Project At Will – The Combination of Raw and Delicate

Next up from Ganna Design 甘納設計 again, is a project named “At will” that has won them the TID Award of 2014.

Similar to the Spoonful of Home Design_Project Chorus this apartment does exude the boutique hotel vibe too, but it is unique in its own way. There is a masculine air in the apartment yet it feels glamour and delicate. To me, the juxtaposition of different materials used is what making this apartment so strikingly beautiful. Raw concrete ceiling against perfectly laid-out wood floor in herringbone pattern; dreamy Heracleum lamp above a large kitchen island in aquamarine; floor-to-ceiling patterned tiles in the bathroom and an over-the-top frilly chandelier hanging above a clawfoot bathtub, bold and stunning!

at will 02 at will 01 at will 03 at will 04 at will 05 at will 06 at will 07 at will 08 at will 09 at will 10 at will 11

Photography by Photography by Siew Shien Sam / MWphotoinc | Images via Home Adore

A 4-Room HDB Flat Dressed-up in Interesting Patterned Tiles by The Scientist

Patterned tiles are quite a trend in the Singapore interior design scene these 2 years. We frequently see Spanish tiles and Peranakan tiles being used in cafes and restaurants, and they are increasingly popular in residential homes too. A small “dose” of patterned tiles will add enough visual drama to any cookie-cutter HDB flats. This 4-room HDB apartment at Marine Parade is a project by The Scientist. There are a lot of interesting vignette to look at within the apartment, but the focal point has got to be the kitchen, which is clad in colourful tiles of different patterns on the floor and on each side of the walls. Bold move by the designer and the home owners, as layering patterns on patterns is not the easiest task. The effort paid off well in this unique home, it looks fabulous. MP 07

MP 08

MP 09

MP 05

MP 04

MP 06

MP 03

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Barcelona – Eric Vökel Boutique Apartments with Nordic Design, Mediterranean Soul

I got to know about Eric Vökel Boutique Apartments while searching for accommodation for my upcoming Barcelona trip.

About Eric Vökel (exceprt from his website) –

Born in Copenhagen, his life is architecture and design. Devoted collaborator with important Nordic designer studios, it was while he was on one of his many trips that he arrived in Barcelona; its architecture, culture and Mediterranean liveliness grabbed him.

The impact this city had on him was so strong that he decided to stay and bring to life his latest project: Eric Vökel Boutique Apartments.

Each of the apartments has been designed and decorated by Eric, delivering an unparalleled style that mixes Nordic design functionality and beauty with the creativity and spontaneity of Mediterranean design.

I’m really drawn to each and every apartment listed in his website. They look so effortlessly good, it feels like we could achieve the same aesthetic in our own HDB home too! The best inspiration to take away from these apartments – is probably the statement-making spanish patterned tiles headboard. It gives me the urge to shop for some patterned tiles at Hafary now =)

Eric Vökel Bcn Suite

Erik Vokel 09

Erik Vokel 07

Erik Vokel 08

Erik Vokel 10

Erik Vokel 11

Erik Vokel 03

Erik Vokel 04

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