White + Wood | A Family Home at Mountain Court, Ho Man Tin by A Square

White walls and light wood are perfect combination in creating an easy going and relaxing home, especially given the abundance of sunlight we enjoy all year round in Singapore. Be it Scandinavian, minimalist Japanese or a contemporary modern home, white and wood is a versatile scheme that will fit right in.

In the | White + Wood | series,  we will look at projects that have utilised light wood and neutral palette as the main theme in their design.

mountain court 01

This is a 1380 sqft, 2 bedroom apartment in Ho Man Tin, Hong Kong, shared by a young couple and their son. The designer from A Square has fulfilled the homeowners’ wishes to filled their home with ample of wood, inspired by the green leafy tree visible from the living room. 

mountain court 02

A good looking gallery wall here to add visual interest to the white wall. Keeping the artwork in black and white gives a more contemporary and stylish look.

mountain court 05

I like the idea here, never thought a simple strip of faux grass could be a such a refreshing feature on the wall.

mountain court 12

mountain court 03

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A Pretty Sweet Taipei Apartment with Danish Design – by Folk Design 馥閣設計

danish taipei 16

If you are a fan of Danish design labels like Muuto and Ferm Living, you will love this apartment at Taipei 内湖 to bits.

This decidedly Scandinavian apartment is one of the latest projects from Folk Design 馥閣設計. (Read my previous post on Folk Design here)

I like that the designer did not just keep all the walls white. Instead, a very soothing shade of grey was used throughout the house and it really complements the pops of mustard and pastel shades of the furniture and accessories. It looks so sweet, pretty and homely.

And to re-create a home like this, these are some of the quintessential scandinavian pieces spotted here that you can consider adding to your house!

Oh, and that modern looking yellow sofa is by French label Ligne Roset (Ruché by Inga Inga Sempé).

To view the floor plan and read more about the ideas behind the design of this family home, visit Folk Design’s website.

danish taipei 01

danish taipei 02

danish taipei 03

danish taipei 04

danish taipei 05

danish taipei 06

danish taipei 08

danish taipei 07


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Fantastic Frank | An Eclectic Apartment in Stockholm

Fantastic Frank  – another Swedish real estate agency that has plenty of beautiful houses to offer, not only for potential buyers, but interior design lovers like us :)

This unit here is a 3-room, 73 sqm apartment top floor apartment in Stockholm (*note: anyway this unit has been sold).

Well, not all Scandinavian flats are in all-white :D This apartment is decorated in a riot of colours, think green kitchen cabinets against a plum coloured wall, not a conventional colour combination but worked in this eclectic space.

FF 01

FF 03

FF 04

FF 06

FF 08

FF 02

FF 05

FF 07

FF 09

FF 10


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A Gothenburg Apartment with Bistro-Style Kitchen

For every one who loves Scandinavian home design, Swedish real estate agencies like Alvhem and Stadshem should be no strangers. These agencies don’t just sell homes, they also styled the home to perfection before putting the listing on their websites (I once thought that every home in Sweden look like that).

When we have just purchased our flat, I dreamt about creating a home that resembles these beautiful, bright and airy flats listed on their websites. I literally ‘stalked’ on the listings on a daily basis to look for inspirations, or just enjoy looking at the pretty images and imagine the stylish Scandinavian lifestyle :D (the website is in Swedish, but a pretty picture speak more than a thousand words right?)

So today I’m sharing this listing from Alvhem. It is a 40 sqm apartment in Gothenburg which features bistro-style kitchen and fun, quirky art pieces. Despite the tight space, it is chock full of personality!

Alvhem 01

apartment 7A_02

Apartment 7A_13

Apartment 7A_03

Apartment 7A_04

Apartment 7A_05

Apartment 7A_06


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Nordic Home in Braemar Hill, Hong Kong by Hoo

Hoo_mandy 14

This spacious apartment of 1,640 sqft is one of the latest projects by my favourite interior design firm in Hong Kong – Hoo.

It has a scandinavian theme with minimalistic colour choice and tasteful selection of designer furniture and lighting. What catches my eyes – the Ligne Roset ‘Cloud’ hung on the wall of living room, and the Squiggle wallpaper from the Vivienne Westwood Collection by Cole & Son. Just the right amount of punch.

Hoo_mandy 02

Hoo_mandy 15

Hoo_mandy 01

Hoo_mandy 03

Hoo_mandy 22

Hoo_mandy 23

Hoo_mandy 24

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