Lee’s Design | Designer’s Flea Market Chic Home in Taipei

This cozy little apartment belongs to the designer of Lee’s Design 文儀設計, which I have shared about their project last week on the Muji-style home.

I really like the decor of this space, it has that Japanese zakka feel, with some french flea market chic influence. It looks so cozy and romantic, just a perfect place for the lady.

Lee's design 28

Lee's design 21

Lee's design 20

Lee's design 22

Lee's design 23

Lee's design 24

Lee's design 25

Lee's design 26


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Taipei Office of J+D Design Lab 齊舍設計事務所

Yes, this is the office of an interior design studio in Taipei.

J+D Design Lab is another Taiwan-based interior design studio that I really like. I’ll share one of their projects another day.

In this post, I’m excited to show you their office space instead.

Stepping into the office of J+D Design Lab is like entering a salon in France. Besides the architectural details like crown mouldings and French door, I’m particularly fascinated by the use of colours in each room.

Once entered the studio, there are two olive green chairs in the meeting area and a salmon-coloured accent wall greeting the guests. A dark charcoal grey was used for the office, giving it a sophisticated vibe. Then there is a splash of orange in pantry.

Last but not least, my favourite – is the super pretty toilet painted in turquoise blue. Such a vivid colour, and it is looking really good.


JD 01

JD 03

JD 04

JD 05

JD 06

JD 07


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T House by Interior Ink 墨線設計

I like to look at the apartments in Hong Kong and Taiwan because I feel that these projects are very relatable to our apartments in Singapore, be it the Asian lifestyle or the similarity in terms of the (small-ish) size and layout of the apartments.

The similarities also mean that the ideas inspired from such projects, are more realistic and practical that you and I can utilize when planning the design of our homes.

The following project is a recently completed apartment from Taiwan based interior design firm – Interior Ink 墨線設計

T house 1

T house 2

T house 2_1

The living room area has very good natural light. So the design is kept simple to keep it bright and airy. Like how the mid-century looking chair and the wall hanging lamp adds interest to the space.

T house 4

T house 3

At the dining area, a full height cabinet provides ample storage and display corner for the home owners. Since the living-dining area is not really a high space, the dining table is cantilevered and integrated with the cabinet for a more streamline look. A set of tolix chairs in different colours complete the look.

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Lofty Space in Taipei

Would you imagine this lofty space is an apartment in Taipei?

It is not easy to achieve the loft style in the Asian apartments. Extra high ceiling, exposed brick wall and metal beams are simply not the typical architectural details that you and I will find in our apartments.

However, this Taipei home shows that with thoughtful design, we can still achieve the loft style that looks effortless.

The apartment has a bit of industrial elements with a hint of wabi-sabi aesthetic. The décor never seems to try too hard and all works perfectly in creating a stylish and relaxing home for the owners.

Loft 1

Loft 2

Loft 3


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Taipei Apartment 台北市文山区 - 陈宅 by Ganna Studio

Ganna Design is a relatively young design studio based in Taiwan that has been quite a hit recently.

The designers’ own home + studio space was being featured in a number of Asia and European major home decor magazines, websites, and blogs including the Elle Decor Italia websites!

This modern apartment designed by Ganna Studio for a family of three is another recent project that I really really like.

Ganna 1

ganna design 01

Ganna 2

An integrated TV and storage unit in dark color scheme anchors the living-dining area.  The doors of the storage unit were actually painted with chalkboard paint to provide a canvas for the kid to doodle on.

Ganna 3

The folding doors of the bookshelves provide flexibility – it can be opened up to showcase the owner’s display, or close up to achieve a more streamlined look.

ganna design 09 ganna design 10

Can you guess that this paneling on the door is a 3D textile wall-covering?

ganna design 03ganna design 04

At the dining area, the wall done a very pretty shade of greyish blue and provides a nice contrast to the dark colored TV& storage unit.

ganna design 05

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