T House by Interior Ink 墨線設計

I like to look at the apartments in Hong Kong and Taiwan because I feel that these projects are very relatable to our apartments in Singapore, be it the Asian lifestyle or the similarity in terms of the (small-ish) size and layout of the apartments.

The similarities also mean that the ideas inspired from such projects, are more realistic and practical that you and I can utilize when planning the design of our homes.

The following project is a recently completed apartment from Taiwan based interior design firm – Interior Ink 墨線設計

T house 1

T house 2

T house 2_1

The living room area has very good natural light. So the design is kept simple to keep it bright and airy. Like how the mid-century looking chair and the wall hanging lamp adds interest to the space.

T house 4

T house 3

At the dining area, a full height cabinet provides ample storage and display corner for the home owners. Since the living-dining area is not really a high space, the dining table is cantilevered and integrated with the cabinet for a more streamline look. A set of tolix chairs in different colours complete the look.

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A Modern Paris Apartment in Taiwan – by Folk Design 馥閣設計

This apartment of a young couple is designed by one of my favorite design studio in Taiwan, Folk Design.

A combination of materials – natural stone, metal work and wood tiles was used for the TV feature wall. The tone of the wood tiles adds warmth to the space.


The wall between living area and kitchen was demolished and replaced with tinted glass to allow more natural light coming in and yet maintain the cosy and intimate tone of the apartment.

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