Karen’s Home in Tainan

Karen 07

I came across this apartment while browsing the portfolio of Hey!Cheese Photography.

This is Karen’s home in Tainan, Taiwan. It has that muji-ish, lived-in feel that is so relaxing, warm and homey.

Karen also runs a blog 許凱倫 の 台南窩居筆記 that she shares the story of her apartment and the awesome meals that she whipped up from this kitchen. Do check it out!

Karen 01

Karen 02

Karen 03

Karen 04

Karen 05

Karen 06


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A Contemporary Home in Neutral Palette – by WCH Interior 王俊宏室内装修设计

WCH 004

I’m not usually a big fan of interior that is too matchy-matchy in colours and material. But I’m really drawn to this contemporary apartment in Taiwan, a project by W.C.H Interior Design. The shades of beige and grey lend the space a very soft, calming and serene mood. Having a home like this, it will be such a bliss to come home to after hard day’s work.

P/S: Also spotted here –

WCH 001

WCH 002

WCH 003

WCH 005


WCH 007

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Gallery Home in Taiwan by Clearspace 青埕空間整合設計

A project by Clearspace Architecture and Interior Design 青埕空間整合設計 that helps the owner to recreate the experience of an art gallery in the comfort of own home.

If you are an avid collectors of artwork, perhaps this would be your dream home too?

Gallery home 05

Gallery home 01

Gallery home 02

Gallery home 03

Gallery home 04

Gallery home 06

Gallery home 07

Images via decormyplace

Lee’s Design | A Modern Loft Shared by Two Sisters

Another gorgeous space done up by Lee’s Design 文儀設計, and this one has a more modern and polished look as compared to the 2 projects that I have posted previously.

Making use of the vertical space, 2 bedrooms were created to provide individual space for the sisters. Glass panels were used to demarcate the rooms, and hence allowing plenty of natural light to stream into the loft. White walls and light wood floor keep everything visually light. In the living room, the red sofa added just the right amount of accent and femininity to the loft. Pretty~

Lee's design loft 01

Lee's design loft 03

Lee's design loft 07

Lee's design loft 08

Lee's design loft 003

Lee's design loft 12

Lee's design loft 004

Lee's design loft 13

Lee's design loft 15

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Muji Style Home 無印良品 (Part 2/2)

The 2nd apartment was a project done by Lee’s Design文儀設計.

It was a 50-year old house, refurbished in the Muji style as requested by the owner. There was no large built-in cabinetry, letting the loose furniture from Muji to take the centre stage of the apartment. The neutral colour palette is soothing, and everything is just so simple and beautiful.

Muji apartment 01

Muji apartment 03

Muji apartment 06

Muji apartment 05

Muji apartment 07

Muji apartment 08

Muji apartment 09

Muji apartment 10

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