Fuur | Tiong Poh Apartment

FUUR means “Future Urbanism”. It is a Singapore-based architectural design firm that has a diverse range of projects in their portfolio, from F&B outlets to private residences. Some of their F&B projects include the Loysel’s Toy Cafe, Penny University, Jigger & Pony, Suprette.

Since you probably have already visited some of the cafe & bar mentioned above, I’m going to share two of their projects with private client that are featured in their company website.

The first one, I’m guessing (from the spiral staircase and pictures on the wall), it is one of the apartments in Tiong Bahru area.

Tiong Poh 01

Tiong Poh 03

Tiong Poh 04

Tiong Poh 02

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