{ Wallpaper Journal } Artisanal wallpaper by Eskayel


Species – Hide

Eskyel is a Brooklyn, NY based design studio that focused on applying a uniquely artistic and environmentally responsible approach to interior surface design.

Shanan Campanaro is the artist and designer behind Eskayel, and she is best known for creating mesmerizing and ethereal paintings that are digitally transformed into wallpapers and fabrics.

The abstract and organic pattern in muted colour palette is so refreshing, and I think you are unlikely to grow tired or board with such wallpapers.

Following are some of my favourite Eskayel wallpapers that look absolutely stunning!


Nairutya Chalk


Akimbo 1


Akimbo 2

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{ Wallpaper Journal } I found you! Chance Perfecto Wallcovering by ÉLITIS

Ever since I saw the sculptural wallcovering used by Ganna Studio on their pivot panels, I was dying to find out the source of this interesting and unique wallcovering.

Searching high and low on the Internet, but to no avail.

And yesterday, I just chanced upon this wallcovering while randomly surfing the net. And what a coincidence, the wallpaper that I’ve been dreaming of is from a collection called  “Chance Perfecto”! Perfect indeed.

Chance Perfecto

Anyway, this 3-d wallcovering is from ÉLITIS, a French company that designs and produces contemporary wallpapers and fabrics.

So how do they make the wallcovering appears 3-d?

Well, on a non-woven backing, a jersey fabric is laid over foam, and then “thermo-formed” with a mould, to enhance the contrast between matt and shines. It also offers acoustic qualities and it is washable.

While it does come with a price tag (it is sold by meter), I do feel that it is worth the investment for the visual impact that it will achieve.

The next time you want to invest in faux brick feature wall in our Singapore HDB apartment, why not consider something more interesting like this Chance Perfecto 3-d wallcovering?

Following are 2 projects that showcase the use of the same product in interiors of different style.

Modern and Quirky – Ganna Studio Taipei

Ganna Studio 1


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