Amsterdam’s Old School Converted into Modern Apartment | Ons Dorp

In Amsterdam, 10 young families have found each other through social network and came together to form the group of “Ons Dorp” (our village) to commission the conversion of an old school building in the Bellamy neighbourhood into 10 modern apartments.

The School – Before

The school 02



The plan

 Casa Architecten has converted the building into 10 beautiful apartments of varying sizes between 100-150 sqm that suit each family’s wishes. Every apartment has access to outdoor space, whether it is a garden, roof terrace or a balcony.

The apartment shown here is a family home for 5, designed by Standard Studio.

Interieur architectuur herbestemming oude school.

Interieur architectuur herbestemming oude school.

Interieur architectuur herbestemming oude school.

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A Contemporary Apartment in Amsterdam by DENOLDERVLEUGELS

This is a 300 sqm apartment that occupies the top 3 levels of a building complex built in 1925. It has been completely renovated by DENOLDERVLEUGELS into a contemporary and polished home for a Dutch family who are settling down in Amsterdam after living abroad for many years.

My favourite part of the apartment – the handsome kitchen and the large pane of glass and steel panels that separate the different zones of the apartment.

modern amsterdam 01

modern amsterdam 02

modern amsterdam 03

modern amsterdam 04

modern amsterdam 05


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Bricks Amsterdam | A Garage-converted Loft

Garage 01

Another project from Bricks Amsterdam.

In this project, Bricks Amsterdam has stayed true to their design philosophy – “Timeless Eclecticism“, and converted an old garage into this stylish, quirky and uber cool industrial home.

Garage 02

Garage 03

Garage 05

Garage 04

Garage 07

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Bricks Amsterdam | Apartment Vondelpark

This Amsterdam apartment is designed and renovated by Bricks Amsterdam.

Extracted from Bricks Amsterdam website: 

After several years of experience as a designer for the renowned Kelly Hoppen, James van der Velden set up shop in Amsterdam in 2010. BRICKS Amsterdam emanates the perfect blend of his artistic upbringing and his love for design, resulting in a distinct style. By combining classical elements with a broad contemporary approach, it can be described as ‘Timeless Eclecticism’.

I’m loving everything here, especially the bathroom and the kitchen. Both have a similar design approach. Juxtaposing raw wooden planks of the vanity and kitchen cabinet, with the black and white checkered floor tiles, white subway tiles on the wall and black aluminium frame (of the shower stall and shelving unit in the kitchen). Nice!!

Bricks 09

Bricks 06

Bricks 07

Bricks 08

Bricks 10

Bricks 11

Bricks 05

Bricks 13

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