Modern Oriental Homes | Project Glentrees by Mint Studio Singapore

Modern oriental homes always exude a sense of calmness and serenity.

It is not the easiest theme to pull off, as it requires a fine balance between the contemporary and oriental elements, without making the space to appear tacky.

This penthouse apartment in the Holland Village area, is a project by Mint Studio.

While the overall look of the house is clean and modern, I like how the subtle oriental flair was incorporated seamlessly to the design, like the lattice door, dining chairs and the green and grey colour scheme of the house.

Glentrees 01

Glentrees 02

Glentrees 03

Glentrees 04

Glentrees 05

Glentrees 06

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White and Blue Minimalistic Apartment by in Him’s Interior Design Hong Kong

With one of the highest property prices in the world, small sized apartment are common in Hong Kong.

Here’s another small-sized apartment with cool design to share. This is a City One Block 51 project by in Him’s Interior Design.

Most parts of the hose including the furniture are kept in white to visually enlarge the space. The design is minimalistic, but is far from boring, due to the clever use of accent colour – blue. The injection of blue against the white background, the white sand filled below the glass of the study table, evoke the relaxing feeling of Santorini…

Not too bad at all for a tiny apartment in Hong Kong!

In hims CityOne 01

The customised side table (above) can be expanded and turned into a dining table when needed (below).

And the original coffee table? Just the right height to become the seating bench!

In hims CityOne 02

In hims CityOne 03

In hims CityOne 04

In hims CityOne 05

In hims CityOne 06

In hims CityOne 07

In hims CityOne 08

In hims CityOne 09

Images via in Him’s Interior Design

Paris – The Decadent La Maison Favart

Favart 00

Continuing on my hunt for affordable accommodation for my Paris trip, but I found myself continue to be lured into looking at images of the luxurious hotel that are not within my budget!

Like this one, one of the top ranked Paris Hotel in TripAdvisor – La Maison Favart.

La Maison Favart is named after the famous Favart couple (founder of the Comic Opera in Paris). It is a beautiful building dated back to 1824 and was reinvested by  Architect Atelier Architects Atelier Jean-Luc Bras in collaboration with Exclusive Interiors.

I think every lady will love the interior of this hotel. It’s like a jewel box in the prettiest Ladurée macaroon hues. Delicious.

How could you not like this?

favart 01

Favart 02

Favart 03

Favart 04

Favart 05

Favart 06

Favart 08

Favart 09

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Paris – Hotel Fabric

I am going to France for a holiday in October!

Yes we have a bad habit of always planning a holiday in a short notice. I guess that will give us more motivation to plan, and more excitement look more forward to the trip.

But you know I love the modern French interior. Before even planning on the attractions or museum to visit, I just couldn’t wait to dive into researching on the hotels available in Paris.

And true enough – I found heaps of hipster boutique hotels that I really really drool over. Honestly, they are not within my budget for accommodation. But they are really too pretty to forget.

First of all, is this refreshing, willfully colorful hotel – Hôtel Fabric.


Located at the heart of fashionanle 11th arrondissement of Paris, in the Oberkampf district, the Fabric, which opened a year ago, is set in a former textile factory (hence the name – fabric!)

The hotel is designed by architect Vincent Bastie, and has 33 rooms in total. Appropriately for its origins, the 33 rooms make use of lots of different fabrics and patterns. Think high-backed headboard upholstered in colourful fabric against stripy walls.

The common area like the lobby lounge has more of a post-industrial vibe, with interesting architectural details like the exposed brick walls, unconcealed ducts, and large metal windows that bring in the natural light. In my opinion, the Parisians have really perfected to art of mixing furniture and accessories of different style and era to create the eclectic look that is so effortless. This is the space where you can admire the Eames chairs, opulent chandelier, industrial style hanging light, vintage storage trunk, and contemporary art all at the same time.















Hotel Fabric

31, Rue de la Folie Méricourt

75011 PARIS

Images via Hotel Fabric

| The Shophouse Series | Singapore – 145 Neil Road by Ong & Ong

Neil road 01

This is another conservation shophouse thoughtfully restored and redesigned by Ong & Ong.

While adding new spaces to the building, the designers took great effort to preserve and celebrate the traditional charm of Peranakan shophouses.

There are 2 courtyards in the building. The original courtyard with its original blue paintwork and folklore-inspired fresco forms the heart of the common areas, while a newer courtyard marks the transition from the old shophouse to its new extension.

Neil Road 02

Neil road 03

Neil road 04

Neil road 05

Neil road 06

Neil road 07

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