Ganna Design 甘納設計 | Project At Will – The Combination of Raw and Delicate

Next up from Ganna Design 甘納設計 again, is a project named “At will” that has won them the TID Award of 2014.

Similar to the Spoonful of Home Design_Project Chorus this apartment does exude the boutique hotel vibe too, but it is unique in its own way. There is a masculine air in the apartment yet it feels glamour and delicate. To me, the juxtaposition of different materials used is what making this apartment so strikingly beautiful. Raw concrete ceiling against perfectly laid-out wood floor in herringbone pattern; dreamy Heracleum lamp above a large kitchen island in aquamarine; floor-to-ceiling patterned tiles in the bathroom and an over-the-top frilly chandelier hanging above a clawfoot bathtub, bold and stunning!

at will 02 at will 01 at will 03 at will 04 at will 05 at will 06 at will 07 at will 08 at will 09 at will 10 at will 11

Photography by Photography by Siew Shien Sam / MWphotoinc | Images via Home Adore


Ganna Design 甘納設計 | A Family Home With A Boutique Hotel Vibe in Taipei

There are some design studios and interior designers that I will constantly look up for their latest projects because they are always so fabulous. One of them has got to be Ganna Studio 甘納設計 from Taiwan. Ganna Studio is helmed by designer couple Lin Shih-Jie and Chen Ting-Liang. They have a very distinctly stylish contemporary take on design, and their work has always feel original and full of surprises. In this and the next post, I’m going to share their 2 of their recent projects which I really like. This is the Chorus project, an amazing transformation of a 30-year old building into a modern, boutique hotel style home for a family of 4. Chorus 01 chorus 02

Above: The original partitions at the first floor were removed, to create one large open space for the communal area. The focal point of this floor is definitely the large kitchen and the long dining tables extended from the island,  with a mix designer chairs in all shades of pink and red. This is the heart of the home where the family gathers most of the time.

chorus 03

Above: To create a more streamlined look, large panels of kitchen cabinets are built for storage and to house the kitchen appliances. The connecting wall of the kitchen cabinets was done in a cement wall finishing to mimic the colour of the cabinets. The 2 opening doors are actually the entrance to toilets at this floor.

chorus 04

Above: The pink armoire is an old piece of furniture retained from the previous home, and given a new life with this vibrant pink colour. 
ganna_chorus 05

chorus 05

Above: Instead of the conventional media unit or condole, the TV was placed in front of a large wall of bookshelves that hold the collection of books from the couple.

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A Glimpse Inside an Interior Designer’s home | J+D Design Lab 齊舍設計事務所

London book JD Design labI bought this book 住進英倫風的家 ENGLISH Style from Kinokuniya book store here last year.

The book is all about a curated list of projects done by Taiwan interior design firm 齊舍設計事務所 J+D Design Lab. (my previous post on their design studio can be found here) You will see how English charm, American country, or French-inspired theme interpreted and realised by the designers in the context of Asian homes. Design tips and information of the material used (e.g. paint code, tiles) were shared in the book too. So if you can read Chinese, I do highly recommend you to get hold of this book! Plenty of beautiful images to drool over.

And for me, the first thing that drew me to the book is this apartment with impeccable style, which is the own sweet home of the designer duo (Judy and Dome) behind J+D Design Lab.

How much charm can you pack into a 80sqm apartment? Just scroll through the images here, be in awed and enjoy <3.

JD design 21

JD Design 01

JD design 11

JD design 05


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A Pretty Sweet Taipei Apartment with Danish Design – by Folk Design 馥閣設計

danish taipei 16

If you are a fan of Danish design labels like Muuto and Ferm Living, you will love this apartment at Taipei 内湖 to bits.

This decidedly Scandinavian apartment is one of the latest projects from Folk Design 馥閣設計. (Read my previous post on Folk Design here)

I like that the designer did not just keep all the walls white. Instead, a very soothing shade of grey was used throughout the house and it really complements the pops of mustard and pastel shades of the furniture and accessories. It looks so sweet, pretty and homely.

And to re-create a home like this, these are some of the quintessential scandinavian pieces spotted here that you can consider adding to your house!

Oh, and that modern looking yellow sofa is by French label Ligne Roset (Ruché by Inga Inga Sempé).

To view the floor plan and read more about the ideas behind the design of this family home, visit Folk Design’s website.

danish taipei 01

danish taipei 02

danish taipei 03

danish taipei 04

danish taipei 05

danish taipei 06

danish taipei 08

danish taipei 07


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A Designer’s Whimsical Studio 張馨的天空之城小畫室

Cynthia 06

I really like this whimsical studio that belongs to Taiwanese interior designer 張馨 Cynthia.

Cynthia is a talented designer who is know for creating classic interiors, American or English country homes in Taiwan (you can view her portfolio here).

The bright and airy apartment here is her personal hideout where she does her design works and paintings. The decor was inspired by her own drawing of a bunny house below. How cute right?

fairy tale

Cynthia 01

Cynthia 02

Cynthia 03

Cynthia 04

Cynthia 05

Cynthia 07

Cynthia 08

Cynthia 09

Cynthia 11

Cynthia 10

Cynthia 16

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