A Gothenburg Apartment with Bistro-Style Kitchen

For every one who loves Scandinavian home design, Swedish real estate agencies like Alvhem and Stadshem should be no strangers. These agencies don’t just sell homes, they also styled the home to perfection before putting the listing on their websites (I once thought that every home in Sweden look like that).

When we have just purchased our flat, I dreamt about creating a home that resembles these beautiful, bright and airy flats listed on their websites. I literally ‘stalked’ on the listings on a daily basis to look for inspirations, or just enjoy looking at the pretty images and imagine the stylish Scandinavian lifestyle :D (the website is in Swedish, but a pretty picture speak more than a thousand words right?)

So today I’m sharing this listing from Alvhem. It is a 40 sqm apartment in Gothenburg which features bistro-style kitchen and fun, quirky art pieces. Despite the tight space, it is chock full of personality!

Alvhem 01

apartment 7A_02

Apartment 7A_13

Apartment 7A_03

Apartment 7A_04

Apartment 7A_05

Apartment 7A_06


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