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London book JD Design labI bought this book 住進英倫風的家 ENGLISH Style from Kinokuniya book store here last year.

The book is all about a curated list of projects done by Taiwan interior design firm 齊舍設計事務所 J+D Design Lab. (my previous post on their design studio can be found here) You will see how English charm, American country, or French-inspired theme interpreted and realised by the designers in the context of Asian homes. Design tips and information of the material used (e.g. paint code, tiles) were shared in the book too. So if you can read Chinese, I do highly recommend you to get hold of this book! Plenty of beautiful images to drool over.

And for me, the first thing that drew me to the book is this apartment with impeccable style, which is the own sweet home of the designer duo (Judy and Dome) behind J+D Design Lab.

How much charm can you pack into a 80sqm apartment? Just scroll through the images here, be in awed and enjoy <3.

JD design 21

JD Design 01

JD design 11

JD design 05


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Bohemian and Feminine Eclecticism | Stefanie Cove West Hollywood Apartment

I found out about this super gorgeous one-bedroom condo of Stefanie Cove via Domaine. It is so pretty with the right mix of bohemian accents and polished details that I’m thinking how to convince the husband to adopt this look for our next home haha. To read the full story featured in Domaine, click here. Bohemian designs are about colours, textures and abundance. Taking inspirations from Stefanie’s apartment, these are some elements that we can consider when creating a bohemian and feminine home.

  1. Colours

You can go all white for the calmer and more exquisite boho feel (like Bella Koh’s apartment in Singapore), or go with a vibrant colour palette like Stefanie’s home, which gives a rich and abundance feel to the space. While there are no fixed rules in picking the right colours, pink, purple and peacock blue hues are some great choices for a boho space.

  1. Beautiful textiles

Think Moroccan rugs and blankets; pillows of different patterns such as ikat or tribal prints. Have lots of them, and layer them.

  1. Metallic accents

Brass, silver or gold fixtures and lightings add a touch of glamour for a more polished look.

  1. Abstract arts and wallpaper

For a more modern take of boho look, consider adding in some abstract arts and wallpaper for more diversity.

  1. Mismatched furniture, vintage and antique pieces

Matchy-matchy furniture is a big NO here. You got to put in more time and effort to look for mismatched furniture that looks good together :) Flea market finds, vintage and antique pieces will complete the look. You will definitely not short of conversational pieces in such a home <3 Bohemian 01 Bohemian 02 Bohemian 05 Bohemian 06 Bohemian 07 Bohemian 09 Continue reading

An Industrial and Eclectic Look for a 5-room HDB Flat by Green And Lush

Following from my previous post, this is another HDB flat done by Green And Lush.

This 5-room flat adorned a “light” industrial and eclectic look that is very popular among the home owners in Singapore now, especially for the younger couples. There are plenty of industrial accents seen here like the cement screed wall and the black track lights. The space is also furnished with mainly wood and metal furniture as well as interesting vintage accessories to complement the look.

It is raw, but still feels personal and cosy as a family home.

Green and lush 02

Green and lush 01

Green and lush 03

Green and lush 04

Green and lush 07


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A 4-room HDB flat with French-inspired Theme by Green And Lush

Ushering in the new year, I guess it is the best time to update the look of my site. I’m trying out this new theme Sela from WordPress, and I already liked how clean and fresh it looks. <3 Hope this serves great start for year 2015!

Today, let’s look at 2 HDB projects from Green And Lush. Both channel a very different theme but equally inspiring for everyone who is looking for ideas for their homes.

The first project is a 4-room HDB flat with a French-inspired theme. In my opinion, the subtly quite and elegant French look is not the easiest theme to pull off. Some constraint is definitely  needed without overdoing it and making it look tacky. So I always adore homes with French flair done right, like this project. Love the lavender upholstery of the dining chairs and the soft dusty pink of the master bedroom. Romantic look is at best when it is effortless.

Lush 01

Lush 02

Lush 04

Lush 03

Lush 05


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