Bohemian and Feminine Eclecticism | Stefanie Cove West Hollywood Apartment

I found out about this super gorgeous one-bedroom condo of Stefanie Cove via Domaine. It is so pretty with the right mix of bohemian accents and polished details that I’m thinking how to convince the husband to adopt this look for our next home haha. To read the full story featured in Domaine, click here. Bohemian designs are about colours, textures and abundance. Taking inspirations from Stefanie’s apartment, these are some elements that we can consider when creating a bohemian and feminine home.

  1. Colours

You can go all white for the calmer and more exquisite boho feel (like Bella Koh’s apartment in Singapore), or go with a vibrant colour palette like Stefanie’s home, which gives a rich and abundance feel to the space. While there are no fixed rules in picking the right colours, pink, purple and peacock blue hues are some great choices for a boho space.

  1. Beautiful textiles

Think Moroccan rugs and blankets; pillows of different patterns such as ikat or tribal prints. Have lots of them, and layer them.

  1. Metallic accents

Brass, silver or gold fixtures and lightings add a touch of glamour for a more polished look.

  1. Abstract arts and wallpaper

For a more modern take of boho look, consider adding in some abstract arts and wallpaper for more diversity.

  1. Mismatched furniture, vintage and antique pieces

Matchy-matchy furniture is a big NO here. You got to put in more time and effort to look for mismatched furniture that looks good together :) Flea market finds, vintage and antique pieces will complete the look. You will definitely not short of conversational pieces in such a home <3 Bohemian 01 Bohemian 02 Bohemian 05 Bohemian 06 Bohemian 07 Bohemian 09 Bohemian 10 Bohemian 11 Bohemian 03 Bohemian 04 Bohemian 12 Bohemian 13 Bohemian 14 Bohemian 15 Bohemian 16 Bohemian 17 Bohemian 18 Bohemian 23 Bohemian 20 Photos: Gia Canali, via Domaine


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