A Book Cafe Home in Japan by Eight Design

Another modern Japanese home to share.

This is a 90sqm apartment in Okazaki, designed by Eight Design. With plenty of natural light pouring in, wall full of bookshelves and a large green leafy trees in the living room, the apartment feels just like a book cafe and that you won’t want to leave.

Do you like the clean, tranquil and uncluttered Japanese aesthetic? I found this article in Freshome – 10 Ways to Add Japanese Style to Your Interior Design that sums up pretty well :)

eight design 03

eight design 01

eight design 04

eight design 02

eight design 05

eight design 06

eight design 07

eight design 18

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A Minimalist Industrial Home in Japan by Reno-cube

Industrial theme doesn’t have to be all about metal beams and exposed ducts, it can still feel light and minimal such as this apartment in Nagoya, Japan – A project by Reno-cube.

reno cube 01

Reno cube 02

Reno cube 03

Reno cube 04

Reno cube 07


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